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[LF Mod] More Accesories (self.Terraria) submitted 2 years ago by Juanchio88 Hi guys im looking for a mod that gives 1 or 2 extra accesories, i already have the Demon Heart and love the concept however my "main" world where im building stuff for fun is on regular mode, and can use the extra slot. Celestial Onion - Official Calamity Mod Wiki The Celestial Onion is an Expert Mode-exclusive consumable dropped by the Moon Lord.It permanently gives the player a seventh accessory slot. This effect does not stack and may only be used once per player. If the player doesn't have a sixth accessory slot yet, the Celestial Onion can still be used, but will not grant a seventh slot until the player consumes the Demon Heart. Mod For More Accessories in 1.3? | Terraria Community Forums There's currently no mod that adds extra accessory slots... It won't be hard to create though, so if you want I can create a small mod (for tModLoader that is) that adds 1/2/3/whatever accessory slots. I'll just need a bit more info (and some equipment that can give you those extra slots, ofc).

Extra accessory mod soon :: Terraria General Discussions

Does "More Accessories+ v1.3" even exist? : Terraria I've tried to find this mod so I could add it to my play throughs yet I cannot find it. Every other mod seems to be there but not "MoreAccesories+v1.3" If you could go onto terraria and quickly search the mod list trying to find it that would be great! Extra accessory mod soon :: Terraria General Discussions

Does "More Accessories+ v1.3" even exist? : Terraria

Террария Мод На Слоты Аксессуаров More accessories terraria mod. More accessory slots! Terraria 1.3 MODDED v6 Ep.41.Некоторые из аксессуаров просто бесценны, и я рекомендую тщательно изучить этот мод. Это ещё один мод семейства tAPI, однако он работает и в соло, что приятно.

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From Terraria Mods Wiki < WeaponOut. ... 1 3% increased melee critical strike chance ... Functions in both vanity and accessory slots. Cool Terraria 1.3.4 Mods- Boss Health Bar | Terraria Mods ... COOL TERRARIA 1.3.3 MODS- PUMPKINGS MOD (Halloween Theme Boss) ... 5 Must Have Terraria Mods 2016- Terraria 1.3.4 See more. Top 10 Terraria Mods 2017- Terraria 1.3.4. tModloader - Modding Terraria API tModLoader is an API for Terraria that provides a way to create and load mods without having to work with Terraria's source code directly. This means you can easily make mods that are compatible with other mods and save yourself the trouble of having to decompile then recompile Terraria.exe.